Wednesday, January 7, 2009

See How they GROW!

In case you din know, I watched "Big Fish" for the tenth time yesterday. Haha!

I found something interesting in the beginning part of the movie.

There is a scene where Edward Bloom braved a swamp as a child, and met a witch who showed him his death in her glass eye.

I saw Miley Cyrus, the famous Disney teen star "Hannah Montana" playing an EXTREMELY minor role, with only ONE short dialogue

"Edward, Don't!"
From this,
To This.


See how she had changed.
Anyway if compared with this,

and this,

Lindsay Lohan's indeed an eyeball popper!
I can't find no more sweet Hallie and Annie in her...sob~sob.
She was my sweet little imaginative sister-like childhood partner god damn it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My first B'day surprise in 2009

It was a rainy evening. I drove alone to Bayswater for my high school gathering. I was quite bothered and feeling empty for the following reason.
1. I had zero cash My wallet was EMPTY what the hell.
2. I just had a fight with my friend for some trivial matter.
3. It was raining and there was serious traffic jam.

When I got there, my friends were already there. Wei Jian came down after I called to pass me the excess card. When he got up my car, he looked extremely calm. Then he suddenly told me this
"Sew Xian cannot come d."

Sew Xian had this reputation for his "spontaneously". So without doubt, I went into the lift with my absent-minded smile, asking about where's daniel and telling Wei Jian that Wei Qian couldn't come.

When I was in front of the door step, I see no lights in the living room. When daniel comes out, I asked why. He says
"Wei Jian says its better not to waste too much electricity."

I stepped in the room searching for the switch cause its ridiculously dark.

Then I saw that small but bright yellow light coming out from the kitchen, and heard the familiar melody

~Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. da da da da da......~

OMG! Its just early Jan and I already had my special moments!

Thanks A lot to Daniel, Wei Jian, Sew Xian, Jia Ting, Yu Juan. It means A LOT to me.

I remember my 18th birthday, they gave me a surprise too!

I can still picture out what happened that night.

I was playing my piano with sorrow in my music room and trying to compose something sentimental which shows how pathetic to be so lonely on my birthday week.

Suddenly, I was SHOCKED by a KNOCK! (hey it rhymes!)
I opened the window then I saw All of them standing in front of my window with that sweet song

~Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you. da da da da da......~

The best thing of Birthday is you could share your special moments with the ones you care. You'll be terribly thankful for those who remembered, and seriously grateful for those who spent their time with you. Non even to mention those who prepared anything special for me. Its a MIRACLE to me.

Last Year I had surprise from my another group of friends. I celebrated my birthday three times if I have not mistaken. Once in a church, once in a japanese restaurant and the last one is the surprise I get in Halo music cafe.

Thanks to frederick, and my lovely choir friends for giving me such a big surprise.

I kept telling myself not to expect anything this year since I'm already NOT in Penang. Well, Birthday is just birthday, we should celebrate "how grateful we are to our mom who suffered years ago the time we were born ON THAT PARTICULAR DAY" instead.

Better concentrate on that "A" word.

-shhh!! Don let Kim hear this..She dun want to hear the word "A-S-S-I-G-N-M-E-N-T". Nope I din say it. I just spelled it out.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh God I luv Bowling!!!

When I was a kid, my father brings me for bowling once in a blue moon. I remember myself begging my parents by kissing their toes kinda way just to get a chance to be there enjoying myself throwing extra-heavy balls. (for some reason I'm still going for "light balls for children" which could be found in a cute little shelf hiding somewhere in the corner, too bad my fingers won't fit in anymore!)

I had two weeks holiday before I got back for dreadful schooling time! (oh my beloved lecturers are COOL! just that everything else back in penang are A LITTLE BIT cooler..~phew~)

But seriously you can't really get a lot of things to do especially after you have been pressured by tons of non-stop-coming homeworks, what you can think of is just SLEEP EAT SLEEP EAT SLEEP.....

Besides meeting some awesome friends of mine, believe it or not, i went for some sports (ping pong, swimming and BOWLING)!

Bowling recalls back my memories during childhood times...I used to play quite well comparing with other peers. I have not been playing since some period of time.

I went for bowling with frederick, hansen and britney first. I was lousy at the beginning but eventually i got better. but still far behind britney which was literally a joker which insults the beauty of bowling..haha. (She carries the ball in a really WRONG way, striked a careless pose and then the ball will just roll slowly and hit the very center of the pins. you'll see our eyeballs popped out when she gets strikes and spares almost everytime.)

The very next day, I went for Bowling again... This was my score. God damn it! My 14 year old brother who never played bowling scores MUCH better than me!
> I was the first player by the way.

I did not give up! I went for it again the very next day. My hands and fingers were terribly ached but i dun give a damn and nonetheless went ahead!

Guess what?? WOW!! I wasn't bad!
>I was the L down there.

I was sooo excited and extremely encouraged by that so that I went for it ONCE MORE the following day. ( I kept telling myself this would be the last time...I'm nearly broke!)

And you see, PEOPLE DO IMPROVE ONE! *clap clap clap!!!
> I was the DL down there.

I went for bowling four times in a week. The third time I went I actually scored 141 but when I wanted to take a picture as an EVIDENCE, there was a small box on top of my scores showing "next game? end bowling?" those kinda thing. Actually It can still see my scores but my COOL name (HD~Hot Desmond) somehow was blocked by that stupid thing! When I wanna press that little magic button(so that my glory would be justified), I was thinking of make that small box disappear. so I pressed the button on the remote...................................................
the whole thing disappeared!
I dun care. I'm just gonna give up law for bowling.
No I won't. haha not funny.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

I just couldn't believe I have done this!

What's your most unbelievable experience on New Year eve?

Mine would be this.

OMG!! I was chasing here and there while Bosco Wong (OMG! you don't know who is he?) was in Queensbay Mall for the 2009 New Year countdown show!

I know it from my heart, it could be the most UNCOOL thing to do on new year eve for a 21 years old!

A little bit of details regarding my "No-I-din-do-it" experience..

I arrived Queensbay at 4:45 for Bosco's mini concert with Ying Ying. There was a terrible traffic jam, we almost missed the concert! When we saw him on stage later on..According to Ying Ying, he looked so NOT like how he's supposed to look like due to that hideous hat and super-casual-looking t-shirt.

After that, we started strolling around Queensbay mall. Around 9 something, when we were buying presents for each other in a shop called "The Rooms", we saw a huge crowd moving towards the Fish Spa Centre just a few shops away from us. We quickly rushed there to see whats happening. Just after we knew what is it about, we saw two Secustar people rushing out from the center with Bosco, heading to the toilet beside. Since I'm just beside the hallway to the toilet, the crowd moved through us chasing them. Of course, we followed!

We waited for a couple of minutes in front of the toilet. Suddenly the crowd cheered and screamed uniformly (because Bosco successfully peed in the toilet?!?) and for the rest of the exciting moments, you could see and feel it through the following video!

However, I was surprisingly excited and "enegized" because this reminds me of my childhood while I was crazily in love with Jolin Tsai, S.H.E etc. I remember myself shouting like hell for no reason just to make them notice my presence!! Funny huh!!


Sunday, December 28, 2008

My Christmas Eve Surprise!

Since is christmas, I wish I could do something extraordinary!

I spent the whole evening on christmas eve to make some gorgeous-expensive looking Memo pad.(Each piece only cost around 80 cents)

That night, my friends and I went to several hotels to give out those handmade souvenirs.

We wish to send this message to the public (wow..)

"Christmas is full of miracles and surprises!----You can get presents from strangers for free"

This is the first Australian Guy who gets my little gift.
He is waiting for someone in the Lobby and perhaps feeling bored and blaming his wife because its christmas and he still have to take care of his "can't-stop-running-around-the-christmas-tree" kid.
He seems happy but rather shocked when he sees my friend walking towards him with the strange santa hat.

After that, a guy from England and his friend from Australia received my christmas surprise.
We were frightfully delighted to see their expression showing "Oh my God!!! This is my first christmas surprise in 10 years!!"

Of course, we had a small talk after that. That England guy were surprised to notice that I made that gift myself. I can never forget how he spoke to us.
I can still feel the appreciation they gave us even after we left that place.
The third middle age guy we tried to approach gave us a bad response. He was alone and perhaps "unloved", sitting in front of the tv in the cafe, no sign of any happiness on his sad little face full of wrinkles!

When we approach him, he thought we were and trying to set him up for something(what could we charming little innocent lovely looking kid would possibly do? He must be too sad and desperate to give us a well-educated response which is intended for human.) ----we were disappointed due to that you see!

The next lucky guy is from malaysia who still needs to work on christmas eve. When we walk pass his stall, he greeted us "merry christmas" with his friendly and admirable smile! Thats why we decided to give him our "love".

The remaining gifts we gave to a guy in a car who shouted merry christmas to us while we cross the road, and some kids which attended a party together with me. One of them is my niece whose name is Joy. Isn't she cute and pretty? Too bad she's my niece and she's only 5. (oops...don't let my cousin sister sees this...)
Merry Christmas!!

I wish I could come out with something cooler next year which doesn't risk my "coolness".

Its extremely awful to get rejected on christmas!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

No Rules, No Boundaries!

To every highly important person, very important person, rather important person and barely important person in my life...

Here comes something refreshing!!!
---------I've been planning to start on a new blog in English since Kim told me she WILL send COMMENTS if my blog were in English.



Here it is.

Well, honestly I always felt different while speaking English. It's like an abandoned piece of my heart been discovered and all the secrets were about to be disclosed!

I always knew how people would look down on those whose 'language skills' are poorer. For example those who can't even speak well would 'look' or 'sound' retarded even if they are clinically proven "genious". I'm good in Mandarin, so I totally understand why certain people NOT trying to write a blog if they aren't sure about their ability to impress people. Apart from that, I don't want people judging me! I lOVe what I've been doing, my SenSe of HuMOur, my Little know-it-all Charater, and my Interesting, Funny and up-to-date(cool??) Life! You get it? How depressing it would be when you posted something you thought it was remarkable and it was indeed a 'once-in-a-life-time' that sorta thing and what you get at the end of the day is just a simple " life is cooler than yours"(this is better) or "boo!!!You're just trying so hard to sound important. who cares??" (ouch!)

Before I start all these, I wanted to name it "see-if-i-care" so that I could use a brand new way to express myself. (for those who read my chinese blog, you would know how "properly" it has been written) I need a way to express my funny side( I like to laugh and act stupid) and expand my ideology(I have got any?) in a different era, aka to OTHER people who doesn't read chinese or appreciate the beauty of Chinese!

Ready, Set, GO!!!!!